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The Medieval Party has ended, Aunt Arctic is coming to the Marvel Superhero party on June 14th. Stay tuned!


If you would like to donate, to make this site better send an email to or tweet me on Twitter I am not forcing you to donate, Donate if you want to.  Some of the donations will be in one of my giveaways. Also some will be given to the staff. You can donate:

*Membership Cards

*Coin Codes

*Card Jitsu Codes

Here are the prizes,  (Pick one for each donation) you will get for donating:

 1. Shoutouts on Twitter for a week.

2.  A follow from me @cpcheats543

3. Added as a buddy.

4. Be in one of my videos.

5. New icon for each party, every month. (Only for a Card Jitsu Code)

More prizes coming soon!

Thanks for donating! :)

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