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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hiring Authors Now!

We are hiring authors now! Please fill out the Write For Us form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Raamish in Club Penguin said...

Hi, see I accidently deleted my website but I have some post from my blogging years:
Post 1:
Answer from Herbert in Spy Phone!

Herbert has ANSWERED Gary’s Question with a Spy Phone Message! (This time I got the Telephone icon :)

February 18
Herbert P Bear
I helped you, but that doesn't mean we’re friends. Warm up the Island, end your noisy parties and maybe I’ll consider adding you to my buddy list.

…Why can’t we be Friends? I think it is time to stop all this Enemy silliness and Help Herbert to find a Place here on Club Penguin Island there he can be Happy.

Post 2:
NEW Spy Phone Message from HERBERT!

ALL AGENTS! We have got a SCARY Message from Herbert! (I still don’t get the Phone icon that indicate a new message in my EPF Spy Phone)

February 16
Herbert P. Bear
Tick tock agents. I’ve left you a special surprise somewhere. I don’t mean to ‘box’ you in, but if I were you, I’d hurry up and find it…

…This is SERIOUS! Right now we have lots of unpacked Boxes all around Club Penguin Island due to the Puffle Party Preparations ATTENTION!!! ALL Agents we must work TOGETHER to find this Box ASAP!

Post 3:
Club Penguin 5,000 Coins Bonus for Renewing Your Membership (After Expiration)

Many of you probably know, whenever your membership expires, Club Penguin will send you or your parent/guardian an e-mail about all the wonders the membership badge can unlock on Club Penguin.
Recently my membership expired on one of my other penguins and I got the e-mail about it that it ended. While I was reading the e-mail, it said “Renew your child’s membership online now, and they’ll receive 5,000 bonus coins.”

This starts me thinking. Why would Club Penguin start giving away free money when the penguin’s membership ends? Club Penguin either wants more members and money or they feel bad for the kid who lost there membership so they want to persuade the kid/parent to renew his or hers membership and actually get something for it.
What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Club Penguin wants more money?

Please choose me, I want to be an author again. Please.

Sniffybear2 said...
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